I’m a Visual Artist and Motion Designer based in London

Over the last ten+ years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of London’s top tear artists, photographers, and set designers. I’m now focussing my efforts in the field of motion graphics

Themes in my work include the transient actuality of spaces we come to inhabit, the application of phenomenology to architecture, thus favouring the approach to its design that is highly personal and inward looking. The works stem from, individual experiences of single rooms, to city spaces, with the intention to highlight the precious nature of the buildings and places we attach our personal histories to. Visually creating new structures from these notions and memories is a recurrent theme within my work

I’m also co-creator of SATORI, a publication dedicated to photography, art and spirituality for the 21st Century

For collaborations, bookings, project enquiries or anything else, please find me here -

Contact: seb@sebcamilleri.com

Instagram: @seb_camilleri



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